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Company Privacy Policy



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                             Company Privacy Policy

  1. All online purchases are final and have a 48-hr. return time limit. Which means after 48 hours, if a written request by hand or e-mail has not been sent and received, the sale is considered final.
  3. Refunds of online purchases and in-person purchases will occur when MasterJay Moves Dance Studios is unable to provide the purchased items and services as described.
  5. Cancellation of classes due to weather will warrent re-scheduling of class and/or item(s).  No refunds will be given for missed classes or lessons due to bad weather.
  7. Online purchases will typically be ready for use 24 hrs. after purchase.  At no time, will an online purchase be useable the same day.  Please call us for details for when classes and memberships will be available.
  9. Items such as tees, hats, mugs, shorts, shoes, etc. that require shipping  may be returned if received defective for credit or refund- customer's choice.
  11. Privacy Policy:  We protect all personal and private information, in reference to credit card purchases and any other information which may be transmitted to us via internet connection, verbally or by written notice.

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