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What to wear:  Please wear shorts and a tee shirt.  Please do not wear any body lotions, creams or oils, because you will be sliding off the pole.   Heels are optional, but suggested.  Also, bring a yoga mat or towel for floor work.



This Class is available for private groups. Call for available times!




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1807 Chestnut Street Phila., PA  Studio-A

1520 Sansom Street Phila., PA  Studio-B




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The Art of Seductive Dance 

Strip-tease/ Sensual Movement and Pole

See class schedule


Class Cost: Walk-ins are $12.00 per class. 

Discounts available if purchased online Click here



If you have a package of classes, you may also take Seductive Dance or Strip-tease/Sensual Movement 


During this class you will learn Chair Dance, Lap Dance, Strip-tease and pole moves.  Learn to walk properly in heels, proper eye contact and presentation.  How to enter a room and bring focus to you.  Many topics will be covered week to week. 

Our instructors have been teaching Seductive Dance to packed classes in NJ, PA and NY.  Our Philly Premier Pole Dance Instructors are group fitness trained with a formal dance background, and their strip-tease workout is incredibly fun!!!  You'll go through a strip inspired warm-up then proceed through mini-circuits that when put together, form a fun and flirty routine. It focuses more on sensuality and features slow, warm-ups, spine circles and hip circles, plus strenuous motions like the rocking cat-cow, peel and rolls, grinds, pounces and arches.

With moves like the "BLT," which stands for breast, leg and thigh; the "Hello Kitty," a full squat to the floor with your feet together but knees spread; the "California Roll," a pivot and grind move; and "Spicy California Roll," like the regular roll with your arms overhead, it's clear this isn't your Grandmom's  workout.  Danced to some of the hottest music, Seductive Dance offers you the seductive skills and workout you want in a safe arena to move your body, be sexy and LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

We encourage you to take it at your own pace and with your own style, working on your own individual goals...



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