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What to wear:  Please wear shorts and a tee shirt.  


Please do not wear any body lotions, creams or oils, because you will be sliding off the pole. 

Heels are optional.  Also, bring a yoga mat or towel for floor work.






Our instructors have been  featured in the Pole Dance Directory.Com, Daily,,CBS 3, Philadelphia Weekly, The City Paper, Philly Edge, Philly Tonight, and the Jill and Dr. Mazz show., Best Of Philly 2010.  We host student parties and various outings during the year. These pole dance studios are for WOMEN only!  All classes are taught by professional female instructors, unless you specifically request a male instructor.  The environment is friendly, clean, safe and private. 






1520 Sansom Street, Phila., PA 


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Pole Virgins:  Students with less than 3 lessons. The perfect class for the beginner pole dance student. Learn beginner strength and Pole techniques along with body toning and flexibility.

Pole Dance Basics:  Students with atleast 3 Pole Virgin classes. A combination of PV and Basic skills.. These classes will provide you with basic and intermediate pole skills, along with training in exotic and jazz dance maneuvers.  The course will provide you with everything you need to build strength, confidence and coordination you never thought possible.

Flexibility and Strength training Co-ed:  A COED class designed for maximum pole strength and body conditioning. If you want to be strong and fit with the best pole tricks take the challenge.A great work out..Bring shorts and Sneakers .NO HEELS !!! NO BOOTY SHORTS, NO THONGS. This is not a dance class its designed to promote maximum fitness and conditioning for men and women who are training in pole fitness.

Advanced Pole Class:    This class is Co-ed for the stronger more experienced students, no beginners ! You must be able to invert easily and hold your weight.  You will learn advanced dance and pole work routines. Dedication is key to this class.

Seductive Dance Class:    During this class you will learn chair dance, lap dance, strip tease and pole moves.  You will learn to walk properly in heels, proper eye contact and presentation. You will also learn how to enter a room and bring focus on you. Many topics will be covered week to week.

Mens Pole:   Each class will begin will an intense warm-up focusing on strength building, toning, and flexibility. Class lessons will consist of building the fundamentals of pole dance and over time building strength and technique in order to safely accomplish advance pole maneuvers. ( Men Only )


All classes begin with a warm-up specifically designed for the muscles used in class. The warm-up consists of stretching, crunches, and push ups. The warm-up is fast paced and formatted so that you barely feel like you're working out. It only lasts about 15 minutes, so get to class on time!

Then once you are properly warmed up, it's off to the poles!  You WILL learn at least one pole trick in your first lesson. After you've been with us a while, you will have more of a say in what tricks you'd like to work on. All students get their own supervised time on the pole, with some time to practice when time allows. Individual attention is to ensure you are doing it properly, to avoid injuries. At the end of class you will have time to show off your new moves, and you'll get to experience the applause from your supportive fellow students!

You will also learn how to properly move in heels. This section will progress from week to week as your balance and confidence improves, and you'll soon want to upgrade to platforms with 5 inch heels!


Beautiful hardwood floors,12 ft ceilings, comfortable seating, great sound and lighting systems.  







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